Monday, May 27, 2013

Duluth's Rose Garden Photo Session 5/2013

Hello, folks!

As you know, we love chainmaille. So, we invited some friends out to the Duluth rose garden and worked up some great photos. These series of photos can give you an idea on what our Northwoods Collection looks like in a real world setting.


may chainmaille bliss be yours!
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Saturday, May 18, 2013

Northwoods Collection

top-small helms, middle-single helms, bottom-double helms weave.
click here to visit our kick starter project

We would like to create a new product line called the
"Northwoods Collection"
that's 5 weaves of stainless steel chainmaille jewelry.

 Why are we doing this?
♥ Cuz, we love chainmaille ! ♥ We hope you love chainmaille as much as we do & want to see more of it in the world.
I'm hoping that this kick starter project will help us produce our new line of stainless steel jewelry, proudly named, the Northwoods Collection"
So here's the thing, I'm working with EG steel right now, and I've learned some cool weaves. I'm feeling good enough to start working with stainless steel to get that higher end look and feel.
Once I can get enough product on the table, I can start  soliciting local  art stores & consignment shops.

Here's where you come in:
I have an order with our suppler on hold for under 500.00.
With this order, I can make 5 weave designs in 3 different wire gauges.
14g,16g, and 20g.

Weave Patterns:
here are the 5 weave patterns that we are offering in the "Northwoods Collection"

Full Persian - Half Persian - Helms - Inverted Round - Byzantine
Please note: these samples are 20" necklaces in 17g EG Steel

Wire Gauges:
The 14g wire makes heaver chunkier rings that give an impressive look for men.
The 16g wire makes rings that  kinda falls into the in-between range with some weaves that are thick and other weaves are a bit more subdued.
The 20g wire is more for smaller/finer ring sizes that are suitable for tiny bracelets for women.

Timeline: It should take a few weeks to fulfill the reward orders depending on how many come in. if we reach beyond the goals, we can always get more material.

Stretch goals:
We are shying away from all the colored rings, and would prefer to limit our product range to stainless steel and/or other metals.
IF, you want silver, titanium or other higher end wire let us know.
IF, the consensus tells us that colored rings are the way to go, say so.
IF, you harbor secret desires for custom chainmaille art; PM me; and we'll see what we can do to fulfill your chainmaille fantasies.

All of our products are hand spun, hand clipped, and woven by hand. this method, does leave a few burrs, and might feel a little scratchy at first to some individuals that have more sensitive skin types. I like to think the burrs lends it self well to the rugged nature of the heavy chainmaille.

It's also recommended to keep them oiled with a suitable body oil product.
As a precaution, they will tarnish slightly over time into a smooth grey finish, depending on your personal body chemistry.
As with all hand made art, each piece is a one of a kind, with unique variations and slight imperfections.
As all great custom art goes, your input will help us create the form, function and fashion by breathing life into our "Northwoods Collection".

So here it is:
This is you chance to help a local artist kick out some great chain in the Northwoods this summer!
Thanks for exploring this project!
Hail Freya! &  All who gather around her clan's hearth!